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We have retained exclusive rights from a close, anonymous friend in Hollywood to the workout and diet that Brad Pitt used for Fight Club, and also for Troy. As you can imagine, to get to the level of fitness that he had in both of those movies- the ripped abs, the strong arms and big chest, you have to be ready to work hard.

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Diet is important as well. Diet, diet, diet, diet and nutrition. You need to have the proper combination of workout and diet- THAT's the reason why so many people can not look like Brad does in Fight Club or Troy. You can't get abs like that with a diet from McDonalds!!!! Get real! Get the facts here on how to get abs like Brad :)

Brad Pitt was completely ripped in Fight Club. Following the release of the film, millions of men across American wanted to have the same body that he did. He has an ectomorph frame, which when covered in muscle and wrapped with paper thin tan skin with no body fat turned him into one of the most famous on film characters ever- Tyler Durden.

People have long been asking for Brad Pitt's workout, across workout forums around the internet since 1999. Several places have posted workouts claiming to have the workout that will give you Brad Pitt Abs. Many of them, are completely false. This guide is the ONLY one that is the actual workout he used. Any copies of this guide on the internet are in violation of our copyright. Many people say that you can't have Brad Pitt abdominals... others say you can. All you can do is copy his workout- because if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well then it's a duck!