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A box-office hit when released in 1994, this sprawling, frequently overwrought familial melodrama may get sillier as its plot progresses, but it's the kind of lusty, character-based epic that Hollywood should attempt more often. It's also an unabashedly flattering star vehicle for Brad Pitt as Tristan--the rebellious middle son of a fiercely independent Montana rancher and military veteran (Anthony Hopkins)--who is routinely at odds with his more responsible older brother, Alfred (Aidan Quinn), and younger brother, Samuel (Henry Thomas). From the battlefields of World War I to his adventures as an oceangoing sailor, Tristan's life is full of personal torment, especially when he returns to Montana and finds himself competing with Alfred over Samuel's beautiful widow (Julia Ormond), whose passion for Tristan disrupts the already turbulent Ludlow clan. Under the wide-open canopy of Big Sky country, this operatic tale unfolds with all the bloodlust, tragedy, and scenery-chewing performances you'd expect to find in a hokey bestselling novel (in fact, it's based on the acclaimed novella by Jim Harrison), but it's a potent mix that's highly entertaining. Not surprisingly, John Toll won an Academy Award for his breathtaking outdoor cinematography.



Movie Review:

Right from the start of this film, Director Edward Zwick and Cinematographer John Toll, take us on a magnificent journey through some of the most breathtaking vistas, shot mostly on the Stoney Indian Reserve near Calgary. Viewed throughout with James Horner's score is a beautiful experience right in your own living room.

Three brother's, their love for each other, their father, and for one woman is the main focus of the story. Tristan is the middle son, his father's favorite, he is as wild as the Montana country where they live in the early 1900's. It is he who we follow on a journey of darkness, enlightenment and finally self-discovery.It is an epic story,that follows the lives of the Ludlow family for many years, through WWI,passion, secrets,tragedies, and bonds.

The tale is narrated by Gordon Tootoosis, a Chief of the Cree nation, who was mentor to Tristan and taught him well the ways of becoming one with nature.

Starring in this Cinematic treat are Brad Pitt (Tristan), Aidan Quinn,Henry Thomas, Sir Anthony Hopkins (Col. Ludlow), and as the woman they all love Julia Ormand(Suzanne). All turning in superb performances.

The DVD is as much of a treat as the film itself. The film won an Academy Award for Best Cinematoghraphy in 1994 and it really shows on this edition. Colors are perfect, picture immaculate, and the sound(in 5.1 Dolby Digital) completes the total home theatre package.

It is in widescreen. There's a ton of special features, including the making of featurette, some great commentary by Zwick and Pitt, and more. The movie can be played in several languages or with subtitles.

If you've never seen it, this film has something for everyone, war, romance, western adventure, action, drama It will sweep you off your feet, and you will want to watch it again. If you've already seen it you will not be disappointed with the transfer to this DVD